Where Will You Be Walking on Your Next Trip?

If you enjoy an average level of fitness, you may want to consider walking in Europe. You can choose from one of a variety of locales. After all, Europe is a large continent. When you choose a country, for example, you can select a specific region for walking. Many walkers find that after they go on one trip, they want to go on another walking tour in the same country. They end up seeing the whole country on foot after booking various tours over time.

What Are Your Preferences?

To decide on a tour destination, think about your likes and dislikes. What kind of food would you like to sample? Do you want to experience walking in a more remote or populated locale? Find out as well when the tour is offered. For instance, many of the Greece walking tours are available from April to October. During these times, walkers or hikers experience a friendlier climate and temperatures.

Taking in the Sights Along the Andros Trail

One of the popular walking trips in Greece covers the Andros Trial. This tour spans eight nights and is affordable, considering the length of the trip and the associated value. You can book a trip along the Andros Trail from the beginning of April to the later part of October.

This trail is located on the Island of Andros, which is the largest of the Cyclades Islands. You can reach the trail from the Greek mainland by ferry. You will like walking along this path as it fulfils the European standard for trail systems and is completely maintained accordingly. The Island of Andros will enchant you as it features ancient sites, sandy shores, and lush and verdant valleys. You will also get to see the island’s beautiful capital, Chora.

An Idyllic Hiking Holiday

This Greek walking tour spans north to south and passes through tiered fields and idyllic postcard-type villages. Because this isle depends less on the tourist trade, you will experience a more culturally genuine walking experience. During this trip, you can stay in four different locations. Therefore, you can walk each day or rest if you want before walking again.

The journey begins when you arrive in Andros. After arriving at the Athens airport, a taxi driver drives you to the Rafina port. The ferry crossing takes about two hours, after which you will take a local bus to Ormos Korthiou. The public bus schedule coordinates with ferry arrivals so you can easily get off the ferry and take a bus to your destination. If you are traveling by plane, it is best to schedule a late morning arrival so you can catch the afternoon ferry to the island.

Something for Everyone

This type of walking tour is just one example of the tours featured in Greece and other European locales. As you can see, there is something for everyone. Therefore, you can find just the walking holiday to fit your physical ability and preferences.

When selecting a walking tour, make sure that the company is established and has first-hand experience and knowledge of the various cultures. Use a tour service that provides you with a good value for what you spend.

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