Do You Need a Guard Dog for Your Business?

Max owns and oversees an auto parts business. One day, he walked into his alarmed building and found that some of the auto parts had been stolen. Even though the building had been secured with an alarm and video, the equipment was not enough. Max was devastated, as some expensive parts had been stolen, which severely affected his bottom line.

Find a Dog to Guard Your Property Online

Joe, who runs a plumbing service next door, suggested that Max look at guard dogs for sale online. He said, that the top dogs used for this type of work were German shepherds, Rottweilers, and Doberman Pinschers. Max thought a while before responding. “You know Joe,” Max said, “that is not a bad idea. I don’t know how someone was able to get past the alarm, but they wouldn’t have been able to do it that easy if I had a guard dog.”

To buy a guard dog, Max made a trip to a guard dog facility where they trained and sold the dogs. He found that Joe was right. The major dogs that were sold were German shepherds, Rottweilers, and Doberman Pinschers. “Which dog should I buy for my business?” Max posed the question to one of the friendly employees at the centre.

The young man said that the choice of a dog was a personal one, as all the dogs were intelligent and did a good job at guarding. The young man added, “We train the dogs that we sell here. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the dog’s guarding instincts or abilities.”

Do You Have Canine Security?

Do you have enough security where you live or work? Maybe you believe a video camera and alarm should take care of all your safety needs. However, adding a dog in your home or behind the gate of your business, can make a big difference – the type of difference that keeps intruders away from your property.

For example, all the guard dogs that are sold for professional use and protection have an inherent desire to safeguard a family or business. When they receive obedience training, they can work as attack dogs or provide full-scale protection for a family.

Obtain Additional Support

If you feel that you need additional support with respect to home or business security, you need to find out more about how a guard dog can deter crime. You can also buy family dogs from a site that sells guard dogs. Family dogs come in one of various breeds, all of which have received full vaccinations and have been microchipped.

Bred to Drive Cattle

When you consider that the Rottweiler had once been bred to drive cattle, you can’t help but believe this dog is highly trainable. The same can be said of the German shepherd, who works with police agencies and fearlessly takes on all guard duty assignments. Dobermans, too, have a reputation of fearlessness and courage. Whatever you choose in a dog, you know you will receive the protection you require and need.

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